Sunday, September 22, 2013

Drawn from memory

Here's another memory sketch. Not only is the subject different from my previous sketch (last time it was the old woman with strange arm fat) but much less time had elapsed between first observation of the subject and realizing that mental image on paper. When I had drawn the old woman, a month or so had passed since I last saw her. This time, I drew this young fellow about 3 hours after spotting him at a local McDonald's restaurant.

I'm not quite sure why he captured my interest. Perhaps it was the sense of weariness his facial expression, attire, and posture projected. Perhaps, more likely, it was because I thought he looked a bit like Che Guevara wearing a rather ragged backpack and what appeared to be a charcoal-colored, floral pattern knit hat.

I'm a bit disappointed that I didn't capture his likeness as well as I would have preferred. However, the outfit seems about right and I think he looks about as scruffy as I remember. Overall, it's a more successful memory sketch than my first one of the elderly woman is.

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