Monday, September 30, 2013

September is at an end... is this month-long experiment. Originally, I was going to stop on September 29th, but I'd figure I would round out the month and make today the last day of daily blog updates. Hopefully, from this point onward, I will update my blog with new drawings and such at least once a week. More importantly, I hope this 30-day commitment had the positive impact for which I was hoping. I'll know in the coming weeks if it did.

To close out this experiment and this month, I thought I would try to get get some practice drawing with a pen and tablet so I decided to produce something completely on the computer. For all of my previous pieces, I had worked them out on paper, scanned them and cleaned them up; not so with this one. It was done entirely in Photoshop form start to finish.

I didn't want to make the task of drawing on the tablet too difficult so I chose a subject that I've drawn before and one with which I am reasonably familiar: myself. All in all, it's a pretty decent likeness.

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