Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Good hand, bad hand

Today I thought I would try drawing with my left hand, as it's something I haven't done in a while (I'm not left-handed) and the results can be surprising...or at least amusing.

I designed a cute bear character (which seems unintentionally evocative of an Animal Crossing villager) to see how my left hand could handle creating a relatively simple image. I drew the character with my right hand ("the good hand") first, then I tried to replicate it with my left ("the bad hand").

Surprisingly, the drawing by the left hand looks much better than I expected. Sure, it's rather crude compared to my pass with the right hand, but the general construction appears fairly solid and the overall image looks considerably better than previous attempts at drawing with my left hand.

Also, I didn't really clean up the drawings because I wanted to see the underlying construction, although this doesn't seem apparent in the left-handed version. I'm can be a very heavy-handed sketcher when using my right hand, but the lines by my left hand are thinner and much more faint.

Interesting stuff.

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